Global Trade Wallet strives to improve your
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Our frequently asked questions are constantly being updated. if you can’t find the information you are after, contact us via hello@gtwallet.com and one of our friendly team will help you as soon as possible.

Who we are?

Global Trade Wallet is an international money transfer business based in Singapore. We offer wholesale FX rates and low service fees.

Are we licensed?

Yes, Global Trade Wallet is fully licensed and regulated in Singapore.

How do I save with Global Trade Wallet?

When transferring funds internationally, costs are hidden in the rate you exchange your money at, as well as added transaction fees or transfer fees that are passed onto the customer. Most providers will take a turn on the exchange rate, which you may be unaware of. Banks take a significant ‘turn’ on the rate, as well as charging very high transaction fees. With Global Trade Wallet, your transfer is done at the wholesale exchange rate, i.e., the rate the market is trading at.

What fees do I pay with Global Trade Wallet?

We add a minimal service fee onto your transaction. This fee is fully transparent and varies depending on the size of your transaction. Go to https://gtwallet.sg/pricing/ to see our fee structure.

How much will my money convert to?

Find the currencies we support here.

How safe is my money when using Global Trade Wallet?

Our process of transferring money is no different to the way any bank would send your funds abroad. Your money is deposited into our client segregated account with a major Singaporean Bank. We then convert it at the wholesale market rate into your nominated currency and then SWIFT these funds to your nominated beneficiary account overseas.

Can I bring money from overseas into Singapore?

Yes, you can transfer funds from overseas into one of our designated foreign currency accounts held with DBS Bank in Singapore. We will then convert these funds at the wholesale market rate into Singapore Dollars and deposit these funds into your beneficiary account. Exactly the same process and fee structure applies.

How long does it take for my money to reach its destination?

Transfers generally take a day or two. Some transfers can arrive on the same day and we work hard to achieve this.

How do I get started?

Register online – simply click the Log in/Register button above!

What makes Global Trade Wallet different?

We are fully transparent when it comes to fees, we offer our customers wholesale FX rates, and we pride ourselves on our personal customer service. We have businesses and individuals using our services regularly. They use us because we save them money.