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As an integrated financial services company, Global Trade Wallet have used our experience in the wholesale money exchange market to develop an online platform built to streamline currency exchange. We like to think of it as a new era for the global citizen.

The label of ‘global citizen’ once described a seasoned traveler who spoke many languages and intimately knew the streets of multiple cities around the world. Their passport tattered by constant handling and heavy handed stamps from steely eyed border protection workers. These lucky few people were once rare, but today we are all global citizens. Today you can make international currency payments as if you were on the ground on another continent, without leaving your chair.

At Global Trade Wallet we’re passionate about the global community.

We have developed Global Trade Wallet as a powerful yet simple online money transfer gateway that can be tailored to you, whether you’re managing multiple currencies around the world as an individual or a business. You get the same benefits if you’re purchasing a chair from Japan using Yen, buying a coffee while in transit between countries or ordering a million pounds of inventory from an overseas supplier on behalf of your business. Our online platform has been designed to save you time and money.

Your GT Wallet is an engaging experience, featuring a refined user interface that is empowering and convenient, slick and powerful, yet simple and secure.

The creation of Global Trade Wallet has made the world a little smaller, more accessible and much more financially available than ever before. Exchanging and transferring currency has never been so easy.


Having operated fin-tech startups and larger financial corporations, our leaders intimately understand the digital landscape and share a common goal – to make a real difference to the way the world works with foreign currency. Global Trade Wallet is the pathway to achieving that goal.

Our team are not only capable, but inspired and passionate to be a part of a community of likeminded financial and technical experts that bring Global Trade Wallet to life around the world.

A Global Vision

As a business, we are committed to being progressive with our culture and our technology. We strive to improve the customer experience, constantly looking to make transfers easier, more secure and even more fun.

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